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"Green and smart solutions for emerging markets"
For more than twenty years, VALTERRA develops incontested know-how in the field of the innovative environmental solutions, face to the industrialists and the public authorities.

In each of the missions which are entrusted to her, as studies of purification or rehabilitation of industrial lakes, ponds and lagoons VALTERRA is guided by two major ideas :

  • Propose compatible budgetary solutions with economic and local constraints
  • Look for sustainable solutions easy to implement and to maintain.

This is the way VALTERRA adapted its techniques to the African context through the first biological patented system allowing to treat and to value liquid slurries and waste materials, so reducing the sanitary risks and improving the quality of life in urban zones.

VALTERRA is also capable of proposing, in partnership with member French companies of her network of the global solutions of waste management.

Strong of a first permanent subsidiary in CAMEROON, VALTERRA aspires to propose soon its services to the whole western Africa and Central Africa as well as in North Africa.